More Traffic + More Leads = MORE REVENUE.

That's our focus for you. We excel in building high converting, data-driven marketing and sales funnel for clients committed to growth. 

SimpleSales Marketing Service Categories 


Re-targeting Campaign

If someone visits your website, you can deliver ads to them based on the pages they have viewed. If you use a video as an ad, you can re-target them based on how long they watched the video for. This makes every single ad more contextual and relevant to the viewer of the ad, which will en turn result in higher engagement traffic and conversion rates. 


Google Ads (PPC)

Using Google search engine, we are able to optimize your business for Google Ads. We are able to target individuals who search for your product or service. After and in depth keyword research, we select the best key words and set optimal bids for your Ads campaign.


Marketing Strategy

If you currently don't have a marketing strategy or system for generating leads and growing sales, this is where we suggest you start. My team will work closely with your partners to build a solid plan moving forward so you won't have to be shooting in the dark.


High Converting Funnels

A sales funnel can be customized to your businesses niche. With highly efficient, optimized landing pages and targeted ads helps build trust, authority and credibility for your business or brand.

Have you have a E-Commerce store? Ecomm sales funnel will increase your conversion rates and average order value. 


Social Media Marketing

We offer a detailed suite of Facebook, Instagram,  

YouTube advertising and management services. Once you have created the required sales funnel and marketing system that converts, we'll start driving traffic to your social platforms.


AD Creation

Creating a Game Plan

We will help you develop a real strategy and plan to help you achieve your objectives. We'll go over the exact process of the funnel that a customer would go through. 

We will create multiple ads that people will engage with. Thus leading them to our funnel where we can convert them into a recurring customer. We will also run split test on your ads to make sure your target audience fits your niche as well as getting the highest ROI.


Our team will keep an eye on your ads and make sure they are optimized for performance. If any of the ads were to not perform as expected, we will figure out a solution to solve the issue. Contrarily,if an ad were to perform better than the others, we would take action to to surge the ad even more.


A report will be created at the end of every week to show your weekly report. A monthly report will also be built to show goals from upcoming months.